Hyderabad Livestock And Farms
HLSF has been established in 2009, since 3 years we are most successful in breeding and raising healthy Goats and Sheep of all breeds. Hyderabad Livestock and Farms (HLSF) are situated in Mahboob Nagar District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Which is 60 kilometers from Hyderabad.

Farm is consisting of 6.2 acres of land which is fully built as per the scientific requirements of stall-fed farming. Different types of fodder have been cultivated in the farm for the Animals as per their dietary requirements. We will feed the animals with Nutritious fodder on daily basis like APBN, Fodder Jawar, Fodder Maze and Cowpea. We also feed the animals with concentrate mixer which is consisting of Maze, Wheat and Ground Nuts. Animalís vaccination and deworming will be performed on regular basis as per the veterinary recommendations.